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Diversity and OD

Our Approach

Yellow Folder supports companies to apply diversity and inclusion lenses to their talent strategies and organisation development. To support this, Yellow Folder can provide industry insights and competitor benchmarking, as well as mapping the market to identify talent with specific attributes, or to develop policies that support improvements in this area.

How we help clients

Our Impact

A food and beverage company was interested in developing a talent pool made up of high potential female professionals aligned to roles at all levels across their marketing, supply chain, sales and finance functions.


Project Scope

This organisation asked Yellow Folder to map high potential female talent at all levels across the marketing, supply chain, sales and finance functions of a targeted group of aligned FMCG businesses.

Raising Brand Awareness

The firm was able to host a series of successful talent networking events based on the high potential female talent pipeline created by Yellow Folder, which helped to raise their employer brand awareness amongst their desired target audience of high potential future female employees.

Yellow Folder Performance

Yellow Folder created a diversity-centric talent pipeline of over 250 female professionals from Analyst up to Manager level, as well as providing market insights that helped this organisation in their talent and broader business decision making.

How We Disrupt

Our Supporting Services

Talent Investigation

Comprehensive market mapping aimed at identifying talent aligned to specific roles or job families for opportunistic hires or specific recruitment outcomes

Succession Planning

Strategic sourcing to help companies mitigate risk for high profile, critical Executive and Board-level positions

Competitor Intelligence

Detailed industry, company, salary and talent data including organisation charts, remuneration benchmarking, and pre-and-post acquisition audits

About Us:

Yellow Folder Research is based in Melbourne and supports clients nationally and internationally by providing a range of Talent Investigation, Succession Planning, Competitor Intelligence, Diversity and Organisation Development Consulting services.

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