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Market insights, in a new light: The Yellow Folder Executive Index is a new release by Yellow Folder to highlight a significant underlying trend in today’s economy, in a list of top executives.

As an Australian consulting firm providing succession planning, remuneration intelligence, and market insights advice to boards and executives, we are at the forefront of market trends.

Yellow Folder’s intelligence gathering solutions already provide our valued clients with current, verified and practical advice for tactical use across business and sectors, and it made sense for us to extend our capabilities to create the YF Executive Index.

Published Executive Indexes

As Covered in the AFR and Financial Standard

Since the first edition was published in November 2023, the Yellow Folder Research Executive Index series has featured in multiple media outlets, including the Australian Financial Review (November 2023, Top Performing CFOs) and Financial Standard (February 2024, Highest Paid Industry Super Executives).

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Yellow Folder Research is based in Melbourne and supports clients nationally and internationally by providing a range of Talent Solutions, Succession Planning, Market Insights, and Remuneration Intelligence services.

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