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The Yellow Folder Difference

Yellow Folder is a specialist research business that supplies a domestic and international clients with services across Talent Solutions, Succession Planning, Market Insights, and Remuneration Intelligence.

Yellow Folder’s approach has been designed to complement talent acquisition teams and other stakeholders by providing flexible on-demand services, a specialist focus on research, and a fixed cost pricing philosophy.

Our clients own the data we generate for them, which helps their businesses to become more proactive in their talent acquisition and succession planning activities, with the insights gained from the broader market providing a distinct competitive advantage.

At Yellow Folder, we pride ourselves on applying detailed and proven research methodologies to deliver comprehensive and robust reports.

How we do it

Our Approach

Yellow Folder’s mantra is built around creating positive impact for our clients. We strive to support our clients’ needs through excellence across all our services.

What we do

Our Services

Talent Solutions

Comprehensive market mapping to develop diverse talent pools for active recruitment and/or talent pipelines for future recruitment for specific roles or job families

Succession Planning

Strategic sourcing to help companies mitigate risk and meet diversity challenges for high profile, critical Executive and Board-level positions


Market Insights

Detailed insights into talent, industry, and company data including organisation charts, designs, and structures, employee value proposition information, and pre-and-post acquisition audits

Remuneration Intelligence

Comprehensive remuneration intelligence to benchmark and compare a role (or roles) within your company to similar positions in the market to ensure remuneration is competitive and aligned

About Us:

Yellow Folder Research is based in Melbourne and supports clients nationally and internationally by providing a range of Talent Solutions, Succession Planning, Market Insights, and Remuneration Intelligence services.

Contact Us:

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us.


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