Our Values


Research is at the core of what Yellow Folder does. Underlying this focus are the following values, which shape how we operate.

Everyone at Yellow Folder Research played a role in choosing and defining what these values mean to us, as they represent who we are as a team and how we treat our colleagues, our clients, and every professional we reach out to, as well as what is at the core of the work we deliver.

The Values At

Yellow Folder Research

1. Respect

Respect is fundamental to every healthy relationship and to personal wellbeing. Our approach is the same whether you are a colleague, a client, a professional we reach out to, or a supplier: We treat everyone with respect. This enhances what we do at every step, as we hire people who respect themselves, others, and their work and then provide them with trust, understanding, and support so that they can and are motivated to produce excellent outcomes for our clients and our business.

2. Positivity

We are a team of researchers, who love to dive into every new challenge and discover more about the world. From wineries in the United States to financial institutions in New Zealand, we look forward to every new project. The variety and breadth of the work we do motivates our team, and while we might be critical in our analysis that doesn’t mean that we aren’t positive about what we do…!

3. Integrity

Yellow Folder Research team members are selected for their integrity, to ensure we deliver substantive research which gives a true and fair view of the market. Our leadership duo also maintain it as a core value, providing each employee with recognition for their work and ensuring that they have the space and time to develop both their professional and personal interests.

4. Collaborative

At Yellow Folder Research, everyone has the opportunity to work across our full scope of projects, from engaging directly with clients to completing in-depth market and talent-focused research. This means we all have an understanding and appreciation of what our colleagues do, and allows us to share insights and support each other. As a result, we work together to explore new research areas and methods, with every team member our clients interact with understanding all the services we deliver, as we are not divided into sales and service.

5. Fun

Even research can be a challenge sometimes, so a fun and positive vibe is what we aim for at Yellow Folder. From peanut butter whiskey to well-organised Excel tables, our team has different ideas of fun, but at the end of the day we do what we do with a smile. We spend over 20% of our time together, so this positive attitude is fundamental to every team member remaining motivated and engaged.

6. Quality

We always aim to deliver impactful work that enables out clients to make informed talent choices. This focus on quality carries over into who we bring into the team. We look for people with the capacity to go beyond basic fact finding and critically analyse information, which enables us to provide exceptional support for the businesses we partner with.

About Us:

Yellow Folder Research is based in Melbourne and supports clients nationally and internationally by providing a range of Talent Solutions, Succession Planning, Market Insights, and Remuneration Intelligence services.

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