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Succession Planning

Our Approach

Yellow Folder works with our clients to understand the business context that is driving a change in strategy or leadership and can provide detailed analysis by market, industry, company, and discipline of the talent that exists external to their organisation. Our executive succession planning solution can be customised to address the immediate talent challenges presented by current or upcoming senior leadership vacancies, and/or the formation of new senior leadership roles.

This solution can also be developed into a longer term, strategic talent identification process that enables our clients to build an external succession plan for a defined number of key leadership positions. This acts to mitigate the risk created by having few or no internal successors to high profile, critical positions such as Chief Executive Officers and C-Suite Leaders, with our expertise in this area extending to Board-Level Executive and Non-Executive Directors where required.

How we help clients

Our Impact

A United States-based food manufacturer engaged Yellow Folder to map, assess and identify talent based in North America for a Vice-President level role in their organisation as part of a broader succession planning initiative.


Project Scope

This food manufacturer chose to use Yellow Folder’s succession planning solution because they believed their existing vendors in North America were simply “recycling CVs, waiting for advertising response and not proactively or effectively researching candidate options”.


On-Demand Talent Analysis

By utilising our robust and proven succession planning methodology, Yellow Folder was able to understand, evaluate and analyse the North American food manufacturing talent market. Our networking campaign and ability to access knowledgeable market participants was vital to securing candidate referrals in a proactive and effective way.

Yellow Folder Performance

Yellow Folder was able to build a robust succession plan for the Vice-President level role across the United States, including key talent from competitors and other companies of specific interest to our client.

Client Feedback

Our client commented that they “were genuinely excited that a consulting firm outside North America was able to produce such a comprehensive and quality-driven result.”

How We Disrupt

Our Supporting Services

Talent Solutions

Comprehensive market mapping to develop diverse talent pools for active recruitment and/or talent pipelines for future recruitment for specific roles or job families

Market Insights

Detailed insights into talent, industry, and company data including organisation charts, designs, and structures, employee value proposition information, and pre-and-post acquisition audits

Remuneration Intelligence

Comprehensive remuneration intelligence to benchmark and compare a role (or roles) within your company to similar positions in the market to ensure remuneration is competitive and aligned

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Yellow Folder Research is based in Melbourne and supports clients nationally and internationally by providing a range of Talent Solutions, Succession Planning, Market Insights, and Remuneration Intelligence services.

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