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Talent Solutions

Our Approach

The traditional recruitment model is outdated and vendors have been unwilling to update the way they do business. Yellow Folder embraces disruption consulting, which breaks the mould of traditional research and recruitment. We represent a different way of thinking about business problems and are committed to providing an alternative service to our clients that produces fast, cost-effective and valuable results.

Yellow Folder’s talent solutions offering provides comprehensive market mapping aimed at identifying talent aligned to specific roles or job families for opportunistic hires or specific recruitment outcomes.

We are collaborative and transparent in the way we operate, which gives our clients the control and input they require to get the best result at the conclusion of a talent investigation process. Unlike traditional recruitment vendors, Yellow Folder’s clients own all the research and candidate information we produce on their behalf.

How we help clients

Our Impact

A global insurance firm embarked on an innovative talent acquisition strategy to reduce their multi-million dollar spend with recruitment vendors.


Project Scope

This firm asked Yellow Folder to investigate the external talent landscape within their competitor group, which would then be presented back to them in such a way that they could review, utilise and own all the information and analysis performed by Yellow Folder.

Service Innovation and Flexibility

Yellow Folder was responsive to the firm’s changing needs, and through our talent investigation activities our client was able to decrease their reliance on executive search and recruitment vendors by a significant margin.

Yellow Folder Performance

Yellow Folder’s talent investigation solution allowed our client to reduce recruitment spend by 80% over a significant number of strategic hires. Because this firm owned all the research and analysis provided to them by Yellow Folder, they continued to use the talent investigation data for projects beyond the scope of this initial engagement.

How We Disrupt

Our Supporting Services

Succession Planning

Strategic sourcing to help companies mitigate risk and meet diversity challenges for high profile, critical Executive and Board-level positions

Market Insights

Detailed insights into talent, industry, and company data including organisation charts, designs, and structures, employee value proposition information, and pre-and-post acquisition audits

Remuneration Intelligence

Comprehensive remuneration intelligence to benchmark and compare a role (or roles) within your company to similar positions in the market to ensure remuneration is competitive and aligned

About Us:

Yellow Folder Research is based in Melbourne and supports clients nationally and internationally by providing a range of Talent Solutions, Succession Planning, Market Insights, and Remuneration Intelligence services.

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