After finishing market mapping and candidate engagement projects in Shanghai, Sydney, and San Francisco, we have observed some significant differences in engagement practices and effectiveness between channels.

Of the four billion people who have access to the internet, about 42% of people use social media for professional (as well as personal) purposes. WhatsApp and FB Messenger are the two most popular channels used by over 1.3 billion people. They are followed by WeChat (pre-dominant in China) with one billion users and its penetration reaching 93% in China’s Tier I cities.

Using WeChat as a key identification and candidate platform in Greater China, our team has been able to overcome language and other cultural differences to source data and manage relationships.

Selecting the right combination of phone-based methods as well as Email, LinkedIn InMail, WhatsApp and channels to create meaningful engagement is exceptionally important. We observed WhatsApp effectiveness is at least 75% higher in Asia (mainly in Singapore, Malaysia and India) and 50% in the United States compared with the Australian talent market.